Guidelines on Using Waist Trainers: how tight is too tight?

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Guidelines on Using Waist Trainers: how tight is too tight?

We are all obsessed with waist trainers, there’s no denying that. From famous celebrities to the everyday girl at the store, the infamous “hourglass body shape” is the dream body and even many of the gym gurus and health professionals believe that wearing a waist trainer can get you there. One must understand, as miracle working as waist trainers are, when it comes to slimming down our midsection, these things take time. The time could range from weeks to years, depending on how committed you are to using a waist trainer. Now, if you are new to the waist training journey (you’re in elite company) and you intend to commit the next several months of your life to achieving the ultimate "hourglass" shape with the help of your waist trainer, you would definitely want to ensure that you are doing everything right so your efforts pay off at the end.

How tight is too tight for waist trainers?
When it comes to waist training, there are guidelines to follow if you are looking to get the best results. The first and most important of such tips is that you get the RIGHT SIZE waist trainer. One of the first thing you should definitely consider in getting a waist trainer is the tightness. Sure, waist trainers are meant to be snug, but there is something such as a waist trainer that is too tight-fitting and it is definitely not advisable. If you notice your waist trainer is also constantly rolling or riding up, it may be safe to say it a bit too small. Having to constantly adjust your waist trainer is extremely time consuming and may lessen one's confidence as well.

In a technical sense, a waist trainer is a piece of garment - albeit an undergarment. Just like your dresses, bras and others, clothing comes in different sizes and so does the waist trainer, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. If your waist trainer isn’t the right size for your body, you will never get that “famous” Kim Kardashian figure (click here for this famous waist trainer) you may be trying to attain.

Why you shouldn’t use go for waist trainers that is too restricted:

Below are some of the reasons you should stick to waist trainers that are within your size.

  • Waist trainers that are too tight can get really uncomfortable

A waist trainer isn’t meant to be extremely comfortable - this is a known truth, however the level of discomfort should be minimal. Your perfect fit of waist trainer is going to be close fitting but not enough to limit movement. If you are unable to move properly or your range of motion is limited because of your waist trainer, then maybe it is a bit too aggressive right? Wearing waist trainers too tightly comes with a ton load of problems and you may experience signs such as
bruising and restricted movements. If you experience any of this, then you may want to loosen up on the waist trainer or get a new one altogether (more likely than not a bigger size).

  • Waist trainers that are too tight can restrict breathing

You should be inhaling and exhaling comfortably even while wearing a waist trainer, and if you cannot do that, you should switch your waist trainer because it is counterproductive. The waist trainer can restrict breathing, something you shouldn’t have to struggle to do. If it is too tight, your diaphragm can be constricted, breathing become labored and your body may start running on low oxygen supply. Dizzy spells, fainting and nausea are some health hazards due to the lack of oxygen can cause. As we all know, oxygen is a vital element to your  body and wearing the perfect size of waist trainer will ensure that you aren't running low on your needed supply.

  • Waist trainers that are too tight can reshape your bones

If you should research Catherine Jung; go ahead and see it for yourself. With a 15 inch waist, Catherine currently holds the Guinness World Record for human being with smallest waist. She achieved this title by wearing a waist corset for nearly all her life. But, unless your body is still developing, a 15 inch waist can’t seriously be healthy for everyone. Waist trainers this tight will surely eventually put pressure on your bones, especially your rib cage and backbone, as they compress
the midsection and with prolonged usage, your bones will eventually to be reshaped. Reshaped bones are fragile, they can easily be broken and your body organs may not receive the protection the bones are there to offer. Your skeletal frame is formed the way it is for a reason, a waist trainer should not be so tight that it reshaping your bones, as this isn’t really in your best interest.

  • Waist trainers that are too tight can decrease your core strength

Your body was built to adapt to changes. If you workout every day, with time, your body will get used to exercising and the effects will be visible. If you however, try to start working out again after a long hiatus, your body will naturally struggle to get back to that form. That is the same thing that happens with your abdominal core muscles when you use waist trainers. The waist trainer relieves them of most of their duties, they slack, become lazy and stop doing significant work. When you use waist trainers that are too tight for an extended period of time, you essentially
inactivate your abdominal muscles causing them to depend too much on the waist trainer for support. You know what could happen in that scenario? Possible pelvic floor problems, back problems and decreased core strength just to name a few. If your core strength is reduced, you will become more easily exhausted and the last thing you need is more problems while trying to get rid of back fat, fupas, or love handles.

As always, it is important to understand waist trainers should never substitute your need to diet and exercise to attain the desired body you wish to achieve. The photo on the left obviously shows a waist trainer being too tight, while the picture on the right depicts how a waist trainer should fit when it’s being worn within the normal size range. As recommended by Fashion Necess, a waist trainer or even a body shaper should be used as an enhancer, and not your sole means to garner a smaller waistline.

(Photo Credit: US Weekly)

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Yadira E.
Yadira E.

October 29, 2018

This is really a great article sharing on how one should purchase a waist trainer. I figure it’s probably not beneficial wearing one if its all bulgy. If it fits that way it’s possibly too tight and awkward looking.

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